Digital transformation is entering an era of unprecedented change for businesses. Did you know that 90 percent of the data in the world today has been created in the last 2 years?  This creates numerous challenges and opportunities for all types of organizations today. Will your organization lead or be left behind in this era of digital business transformation?

This interactive portal guides you through the next era of digital transformation with the most current newsindustry best practices, and thought leadership.


Solving the Cloud Migration Challenge Enterprise Pain Point Offers Opportunity for Providers

Migration—whether of data or workloads—remains a key constraint that prevents enterprises from adopting cloud computing services within their IT departments. Despite automation advances in many areas …....Read More...
Excellent CX Delivery Relies on Completely Hearing the Voice of Customer

Obtaining the Voice of the Customer is more than surveys. Effective CX-supporting VoC requires paying attention to all customer interactions.....Read More...
EMM Providers Face Game-Changing Challenges in 2017

The North American Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) market continues to be in a constant state of flux, with 2017 presenting the sector’s newest round of challenge and opportunity.....Read More...
Top 10 BPO Trends and Business Priorities for 2017

Against the backdrop of customer experience taking precedence in 2016, Juan Gonzalez, Research Director at Frost & Sullivan, shares his top 10 BPO trends and priorities that providers should be focusi…....Read More...

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