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Posted by lstadtmueller; on Oct 16, 2015
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The verdict is in: The cloud is a commodity. So says the venerable CME Group (formerly known as the Chicago Mercantile Exchange) and Universal Compute Xchange (UCX), which are defining cloud infrastructure capacity as a new asset class, able to be tr…

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Posted by KSPrice; on Oct 16, 2015
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Infrastructure services provider Rackspace recently inked a deal with AWS, doubling down on its shift to provide more managed services to the enterprise cloud market. Rackspace's concentration on partnerships with leading third-party infrastructure p…

Posted by mukulk1; on Oct 14, 2015
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DELL - EMC if played well has the potential of giving other majors like IBM and HP many sleepless nights! From Dell's perspective buy vs build or partner to transform its brand image of a device/hardware-centric company and leverage EMC's well put to…

Posted by lawrencelundy; on Oct 14, 2015
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Technology has always replaced human labour. But artificial intelligence will replace jobs so quickly, workers will be left without jobs. Society will have to adapt to an age of worklessness. The Universal Basic Income offers a policy prescription.

Posted by ashah; on Oct 07, 2015
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Yesterday, IBM launched the company's new strategic initiative, Cognitive Business, which is its vision for the next evolution of technology and business. IBM’s vision for Cognitive Business builds on Smarter Planet, with big data and intelligence d…

Posted by schan; on Oct 07, 2015
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Tackling Smart City issues, starting with transport, offers quick wins for any policy maker

Posted by schan; on Oct 06, 2015
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This blog post is a response to the 6th October 2015 Meeting of the Minds & Living Cities group blogging event. The topic states that year is now 2050. Write a letter to the people of 2015 describing what the city is like, and give them advice on the…

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Posted by KSPrice; on Oct 02, 2015
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Cloud computing has offered a solid solution to the ever-present business continuity and disaster recovery problem. With cloud-based disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS), providers offer a single solution that backs up not only data, but an organiz…

Posted by ashah; on Sep 25, 2015
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The prevalent consensus thus far is the Uberization of healthcare will be one of the defining healthcare trends of the 21st century. In this Forbes article, Reenita Das, healthcare expert at Frost & Sullivan, explores the potential for this new model…

Posted by vmichalik; on Sep 23, 2015
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Teleportation has long been the realm of science fiction. From Douglas Adams to Isaac Asimov, storytellers have ensnared us with visions of instantaneous travel. Physical teleportation remains a fantasy. Quantum teleportation, the transfer of quantu…

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