Nordstrom Meets Customer Needs with Digital Solution

Dec 27, 2016

Recognizing that a fifth of its sales already comes from ecommerce and mcommerce, Nordstrom is taking big steps towards digital transformation. The company wants to ensure that it retains customers in the long-term, and attains some along the way.  Why are egifts different from gift cards? You get to choose the gift you want to give, but the recipient can  customize it (size, color, etc.). If the recipient doesn't want this produce, they can opt to receive a digital gift card, without the sender knowing they made that choice! This serves an unmet need quite well; gifts can now be easy to deliver and personal. Remember those long lines after Christmas when you want to exchange/return a gift? They could be history!


This is a smart solution, not just because of the value to customers, but because of the cost savings to the retailer. Nordstrom will spend less on return postage, won't need as much staff post-holidays to handle the traffic, and will reduce the expense of inventory tracking.

So what else does Nordstrom have in 'store' Wink for you next? The company is digitizing three parts of its business: the website; the mobile app; and it's bricks and mortars.  The latter will increasingly see digitization; for now, you can buy shoes while you're trying them on since the sales person will be able to process using a mobile device. Soon, sales personnel will be able to send a message to clients when something comes onto the floor that they may love. If done well, this creates an extremely positive customer experience. Time is the most valuable resource these days, and both of these solutions will help save time and keep customers coming back to the store, every now and again.

Alpa Shah


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