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For generations, how businesses communicated with their customers, partners and internally has been dictated by their service providers and communications vendors. Providers and vendors historically o…

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A blog highlighting the importance of preserving - and enhancing - the customer experience when implementing enterprise fraud management solutions.

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After lagging in past years, our 2018 Mobile Business Applications survey reveals that Canadian companies are sold on the value of mobile worker apps. Their evolving expectations regarding product per…

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A key area of Workforce Optimization, Workforce Engagement Management is getting significant attention by contact center operators. One component in particular, Gamification, has the potential to supe…

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It's time for businesses that already use an EMM or MDM solution to circle back and conduct an assessment. And it's long overdue for many non-users to introduce EMM for the first time.

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https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/solutions/collaboration/mobile-healthcare-apps.html?CAMPAIGN=Corporate%20Communications&Country_Site=GL&POSITION=Social+Media&REFERRING_SITE=LinkedIn&CREATIVE=Cisco++ …


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A blog highlighting the key needs for effective IoT cybersecurity in converged enterprise networks.

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The recent global analyst conference hosted by IT services powerhouse Atos was an eye-opening experience for this unified communications analyst. Since its acquisition of Unify almost three years ago,…

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The compelling benefits of cloud architectures–more flexible capacity adjustment, more cost-effective support of remote agents and faster access to advanced features—have resulted in high growth rates…

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