Posted by BrendanRead; on Mar 05, 2014
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A two part look at the decline of the traditional "call center", the factors causing it. and what customer service will look like going forward in the North American market.

Posted by avnirambhia; on Mar 02, 2014
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Audio, once critical to ensuring online video QoE, has been taken for granted in recent years. However, it is experiencing renewed attention as a key component of user experience with the advent of Ul…

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Posted by Melanieturek; on Feb 26, 2014
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Recently, Frost & Sullivan conducted a survey of more than 400 Google Apps users ( IT administrators, line-of-business managers acting in an IT role, and end users not in IT) to identify trends in usa…

Posted by jsterling; on Feb 18, 2014
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ClickSoftware just announced that it is acquiring Xora for $14.7 million, a development that we think – if handled smartly – will be a winning proposition for the mobile workforce management (MWM) mar…

Posted by JNG; on Feb 14, 2014
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Every week, a new product or project is revealed by major players from the telecommunication or the payment industry.

Posted by robarnold4; on Feb 11, 2014
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We recently published our Global Enterprise Social Networking Market analysis and forecast report. Our study focuses on full suite solutions - those that can be implemented across and organization, an…

Posted by roopamjain; on Feb 07, 2014
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Google has launched a video conferencing solution for businesses called Chromebox for Meetings.

Posted by JNG; on Feb 03, 2014
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The ICT industry has already taken the direction of Big Data, Data Analytics or Data Mining.

Posted by drayburn; on Feb 03, 2014
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I’ve read just about every piece on the web about Verizon’s plans to acquire the OnCue assets from Intel, and the one question I haven’t seen anyone answer is, what exactly is Verizon getting for thei…

Posted by drayburn; on Feb 03, 2014
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Google has just launched something new called the “Google Video Quality Report“, which ranks ISPs based on how well they deliver YouTube content.

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