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Posted by jsterling; on Sep 28, 2015
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Most North American companies prefer to work with an outside expert when choosing and deploying mobile apps. However, their partner preferences are changing -- and the shift may be troubling to wireless carriers.

Posted by ashah; on Sep 25, 2015
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Category : Cloud, Mobile & Wireless

The prevalent consensus thus far is the Uberization of healthcare will be one of the defining healthcare trends of the 21st century. In this Forbes article, Reenita Das, healthcare expert at Frost & Sullivan, explores the potential for this new model…

Posted by jsterling; on Sep 24, 2015
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When a company decides to deploy a mobile business application, one of the first walls they run into is the "build or buy?" decision. Our latest decision-maker survey reveals a clear preference.

Posted by vmichalik; on Sep 23, 2015
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Teleportation has long been the realm of science fiction. From Douglas Adams to Isaac Asimov, storytellers have ensnared us with visions of instantaneous travel. Physical teleportation remains a fantasy. Quantum teleportation, the transfer of quantu…

Posted by dsarangan; on Sep 21, 2015
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On 9/9/2015, Apple announced its latest devices in San Francisco. While much of the analyst commentary has been focused on new device features and functionality, I would like to discuss a small footnote of the announcement that is likely to send shoc…

Posted by mmenon; on Sep 10, 2015
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Apple ipad Pro, Apple Upgrade Plan and Apple TV Stand Out

Posted by rgruia; on Sep 09, 2015
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One hint about the importance of tomorrow’s media event to Apple lies in the choice the company made for this year’s venue: the Bill Graham Auditorium, which can seat up to 7,000 people, as opposed to last year’s September location, the Flint Center,…

Posted by rgruia; on Sep 04, 2015
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BlackBerry announced this morning its latest M&A move, an all-cash purchase ($425m) of Good Technology, a leading player in the Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) space. The acquisition further boosts BlackBerry’s software portfolio, after buying …

Posted by vmichalik; on Sep 02, 2015
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Two factions have emerged in what will prove, however it is resolved, to be a pivotal moment for the Bitcoin Blockchain. Bitcoin is heading into dangerous territory and an unnecessary crisis point, according to one faction of developers. The time has…

Posted by Unknown user on Aug 24, 2015
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