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Posted by BrendanRead; on Jun 30, 2015
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Why meeting the needs of an aging population is becoming a key market for the Internet of Things

Posted by jreed; on Jun 16, 2015
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Google has launched a new "urban innovation" initiative called Sidewalk Labs. We look at how this shakes up the smart city market landscape, and the potential challenges facing this new enterprise.

Posted by epopova; on Jun 15, 2015
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Social networking is undoubtedly one of the most impactful consumer technologies today. Many technology developers are trying to replicate the success of the consumer social phenomenon in a business setting.Technology developers that are not entrenc…

Posted by ashah; on Jun 08, 2015
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Emergencies that create a great strain on public safety personnel can range from traffic jams and water main breaks to terrorism and natural disasters. Multiple organizations that can work together seamlessly is necessary for quick resolution. Advanc…

Posted by briancotton1; on May 20, 2015
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A Movers & Shakers interview with General Fusion CEO Nathan Gilliland, leading a company on the cusp of developing technology to create commercially viable fusion energy.

Posted by ashah; on May 07, 2015
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Posted by jsterling; on Mar 31, 2015
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For businesses with remote resources – workers, vehicles, and/or portable equipment in the field – lack of real-time visibility into the asset’s location, activities and condition can result in real problems.

Posted by vgandhi; on Mar 26, 2015
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An overview of the M2M and IoT solutions space, with a discussion of the move towards outcome-based pricing for M2M and IoT solution providers in North America.

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Posted by ChrisKissel; on Mar 12, 2015
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Mobile devices are the last frontier in cloud-based file sharing services. Mobility frees workers from on-premises networks and allows for in the field reporting. However, to work seamlessly in a mobi…

Posted by vmichalik; on Mar 03, 2015
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The Weekly Disrupt is a summary of the most important technology stories from the last week. These are stories that hint at fundamental shifts in the way we will live and do business - things to keep on your radar to ensure you capture future growth …

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