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Posted by KSPrice; on May 03, 2017
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More than 90% of enterprises will seek outside assistance with their cloud strategy and implementation, according to Frost & Sullivan research. Cloud service providers—which staked their entire business on a hands-off, self-service delivery model—are…

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Posted by epopova; on Apr 10, 2017
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Advancements in software development and cloud architectures are driving a profound shift towards communications technology delivered as a service. Double-digit user and provider revenue growth rates in the hosted Internet Protocol (IP) telephony and…

Posted by MBrandenburg; on Mar 30, 2017
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If you missed Elka's panel at Enterprise Connect, check out her pre-session interview, recording live on the show floor.

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Posted by BrendanRead; on Mar 10, 2017
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Amazon is reportedly planning to offer chatbots while at the same time Avaya has freed up resources to strengthen its contact center market through its networking solution sale to Extreme Networks.

Posted by njamison; on Feb 19, 2017
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Posted by MBrandenburg; on Feb 14, 2017
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I have previously written about the post-PBX apocalypse. In its short form, my message to the UC market has been: Differentiate and evolve to survive. After recently spending a few days with the Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise (ALE) team, I am very pleased…

Posted by robarnold4; on Feb 07, 2017
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A 3-in-1 device, supporting voice, visual and data collaboration, Cisco Spark Board is heralded as a revolutionary product. Is it more accurately characterized as much needed evolution for room-based meetings?

Posted by Unknown user on Dec 29, 2016
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Against the backdrop of customer experience taking precedence in 2016, Juan Gonzalez, Research Director at Frost & Sullivan, shares his top 10 BPO trends and priorities that providers should be focusing on as we move into the new year.


Posted by avnirambhia; on Dec 09, 2016
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Total cost of ownership of multi-DRM solutions is quite misunderstood. This set of resources is designed to give decision-makers quick and accurate guidance on long-term considerations and strategy.

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