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Posted by ashah; on Apr 24, 2014
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IBM is partnering with Fluid, Inc. to change the shape of the consumer shopping experience.

Posted by robarnold4; on Apr 15, 2014
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In recent weeks I've been briefed and had demos with a number of startup developers who focus on business, user, or process efficiency and productivity. From a high level there are striking similarities in what they do and aspire to achieve. In gener…

Posted by BrendanRead; on Mar 26, 2014
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Why do companies find it easier to cover up mistakes rather than preventing then, detecting them early on, and taking action, and taking full responsibility, and are extreme measures needed to break this behavior pattern?

Posted by BrendanRead; on Mar 14, 2014
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What will the new customer experience environment, or landscape look like.

Posted by BrendanRead; on Mar 05, 2014
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A two part look at the decline of the traditional "call center", the factors causing it. and what customer service will look like going forward in the North American market.

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