2016 Enterprise Communications Predictions

Dec 23, 2015






Every year we analyze multiple trends and metrics in the enterprise communications and collaboration industry. This blog post compiles a summary of what we believe are going to be the major fifteen predictions in year 2016. Carefully taking a look at various criteria, including market growth patterns, vendors' evolving focus areas, and end-user demand findings, the below list is meant to provide broad brush strokes of what is hot in 2016. For additional information and analysis on each individual topic, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will gladly provide you with more information. 

: 1) On Premise Telephony Line License Shipment Will Continue to Decrease, While Cloud VoIP Subscribers Will Continue to Grow More than 25%

#15Predictions16: 2) VCaaS Will Continue to be Hot, with a CAGR of More than 20% Globally Within 2014 to 2021. New Vendors are Expected to Emerge in 2016

: 3) SIP phones Will Continue to Grow Double-digits Selling More Phones to Carriers Which, in Turn, Bundle Them Within Their Cloud VoIP Offering

#15Predictions16: 4) Off the shelf/Personal Video Devices Will Expand. In 2014 400,000 Video Devices Were Sold. This Number is  Expected to Considerably Augment in 2016

#15Predictions16: 5) On Prem Communications Vendors Will Continue to Equip Themselves with Multi-Tenant & Multi-Instance Solutions to Grow Cloud Offering

#15Predictions16: 6) Collaboration Apps or Workstream Communications and Collaboration Apps (WCC) Will Continue to Replace First Generations of UC Clients

#15Predictions16: 7) Low-cost USB/alternative-connectivity Audio Conferencing Endpoints Will Continue Their Growth Path of More Than 25% Due to Their Portable Nature

#15Predictions16: 8) We Might Finally Witness a Solid Announcement from Google in The Enterprise Communications Space, Competing against Cisco & Microsoft

#15Predictions16: 9)  More On Premise Communications Revenue Will Come from OPEX Subscription-based Models, Affecting What Analysts Count as a New License

: 10) Simple & Intuitive User Interface Experience Will be More Important Than Price in the Purchase of Collaboration Tools

: 11) Wearables Will Continue to Grow in the Industry, Reaching a Market of $30 Billion by 2018

: 12) Hudde rooms Will Proliferate. Today, Statistics Show That There are Around 30 to 50 Million Huddle Rooms Globally

: 13)Hospitality is Expected to be One of the Main Verticals Going Forward for Cloud Communications Adoption, Specially Within Budget Hotels

: 14) Snapchat-type Video Messaging Features for 24hs Will Be Incorporated in Collaboration Apps Separating Important from Non Important Messages

: 15) Content management Will Continue to be Key. Upcoming Productivity Tools Will Solve Issues of Consolidating Knowledge























































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