Adobe's Latest Holiday Shopping Results Show Desktop Continued Tops for Online Sales

Dec 06, 2016

Adobe’s Adobe Digital Insights (ADI) has just released its latest 2016 Holiday Shopping Season Summary, which provides a great bellwether of this year’s omnichannel shopping trends.

Here are some of the latest highlights, the full report of which is available on, figures from November 1 - December 5, 2016:

  • Total Online Sales: $52.16B
  • Total Online Sales Growth: 7.8%
  • Online Sales (Dec. 5): $1.94B
  • Online Sales Growth (Dec. 5): 8.70%
  • 34 out of 35 days have resulted in over $1B in revenue
  • Desktop Share of Visits: 51%, Desktop Share of Sales: 69%
  • Smartphone Share of Visits: 40%, Smartphone Share of Sales: 21%
  • Tablet Share of Visits: 9%, Tablet Share of Sales: 10%
  • Search Share of Sales: 39.5%
  • Direct Traffic Share of Sales: 26.9%
  • Shopper Helper Share of Sales: 15.8%
  • Email Share of Sales: 15.4%
  • Display Share of Sales: 1.6%
  • Social Share of Sales: 0.9%

There are two key and trending takeaways from this data:

First, the desktop and smartphone share of visits and share of sales are reversed speaks to continued limited form factors with smartphones that prevent them from being used to conduct commerce. Frost & Sullivan identified this issue in research published this year on web personalization. One promising answer may be integrated mobile speech virtual assistants and text entry e.g., “find me a drone for my kids for under $40”, then if one is found for them then hit buy or, if asked by prompt, “credit” or “debit”.

Second, social sales is in its infancy, but it has great potential as customers like to share, including what they are buying, and they can be incentivized to do so in order to attract more buyers. Research on social media marketing also published this year by Frost & Sullivan reports that social sites are making it easier for customers to make purchases. But the transaction end must be made highly secure, conducted safely off the social sites. 

Brendan Read


Brendan Read is Senior Industry Analyst with over 25 years’ experience covering business, communications, staffing, and technology. He has worked in, prepared reports, and blogged on a wide range of topics including customer contact, CX, CRM, IoT, social media, supply chain, and BC/DR. He also has backgrounds in construction, manufacturing, materials, resource extraction, site selection, and transportation. He examines the broad economic, environmental, innovation, political, and social mega trends, and their impacts on businesses, markets, and society.

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