Android Versions Seeing One Year of Strong Sales

May 13, 2014

In 2008, Frost & Sullivan began tracking shelf presence for smartphones in the top 20 countries globally.  The concept behind the research was to analyze the correlation between sales and shelf presence.  While the two are separate items entirely, higher sales are less likely without the proper shelf presence among the major mobile operators.  As a result, shelf presence has begun to show key trends in the smartphone market, and one of them is outlined in the chart below.  As newer releases of the Android operating system provide enhanced capabilities and features in the ultra competitive and growing smartphone market, older versions are being abandoned.  The research shows that on average, each Android operating system version is released, see's a consistent shelf presence (and sales) for a year, then in approximately three more months ceases to be offered by mobile operators.Android_Ver_Hist.png



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Todd Day


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