Apple Does It Again!

Feb 01, 2017

Amidst all of the slightly declining mobile phone sales, Apple has yet again broken its own sales record for iPhones by selling over 78 million iPhones, which generated $54.38 billion in revenue during the final quarter of calendar year 2016.  Furthermore, with the addition sales of iPads, Macs, other products and services, the company generated $78.35 billion in total revenue during the quarter - the most generated in the history of the company.  

While Apple has always seen huge spikes in iPhone sales following the release of a new design (see attached image), there is no doubt that the Samsung Note 7 recall/disaster may have also had a significant impact on Apple's success during the quarter.  Finally, with U.S. carriers all offering inexpensive options for customers to get into newer versions of the iPhone through equipment installment plans (EIPs), the holidays created a perfect opportunity for Apple, and they clearly made the best of it.iPhone_2016.PNG

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Todd Day


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