April 5 eBroadcast To Provide Insights on Perfecting the CX

Mar 27, 2017

Customers are setting today’s business agenda and are now in the customer relationship driver’s seat. There are numerous reasons why they are taking the steering wheel. They include instant access to expanding knowledge about products and sellers, a growing economy, shortening innovation cycles and go-to-market lead times, product commoditization, global marketplaces, and pricing transparency.

Finally, and significantly, customers have unparalleled abilities to influence others’ buying and loyalty via social media.  As a result, customers are now driving marketing through their ability to promote brands in real-time to a vast audience. That includes on “dark social”, where, as outlined in Frost & Sullivan research on social media marketing, customers share social media content in private one-to-one and one-to-many emails or texts that are removed from their original sources.  And, according to a source cited in the research, dark social sharing is far larger than sharing on other social sites.

Naturally, and as a result, it is the ability to deliver an excellent Customer Experience (CX) that has become businesses’ prime competitive differentiators.  And customer personalization is at the top of the list of priorities when supplying that experience.

But ensuring a quality CX is easier said than done. There are a growing array of channels and devices that customers engage over, in self-service and with live agents.  Those channels contain vast and often overwhelming flows of customer data.

To help businesses meet these challenges, in order to successfully engage with today’s customers, Frost & Sullivan, in partnership with Virtual Hold Technology, will be having an eBroadcast, ”Don't Wait! Transform Customers into Brand Promoters Now” Wednesday, April 5, from 2pm to 3pm EDT.

Frost & Sullivan Principal Analyst Michael DeSalles, Chad Hendren, VP & GM of Customer Experience Solutions, Virtual Hold Technology, and Amy Fisher, Senior Director, PadillaCRT, will discuss how and why the digital era is transforming the customer journey, the ways in which utilizing contextual data can delight customers on any channel, and how to get a handle on perfecting the CX.

To engage on this timely and vital eBroadcast, including listening in on the experiences of others and participating in a live Q&A, and to obtain actionable strategies from it, please click here.

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Brendan Read


Brendan Read is Senior Industry Analyst with over 25 years’ experience covering business, communications, staffing, and technology. He has worked in, prepared reports, and blogged on a wide range of topics including customer contact, CX, CRM, IoT, social media, supply chain, and BC/DR. He also has backgrounds in construction, manufacturing, materials, resource extraction, site selection, and transportation. He examines the broad economic, environmental, innovation, political, and social mega trends, and their impacts on businesses, markets, and society.

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