BlackBerry Bolsters Its Enterprise Acumen with Good Technology Acquisition

Sep 04, 2015

BlackBerry announced this morning its latest M&A move, an all-cash purchase ($425m) of Good Technology, a leading player in the Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) space.  The acquisition further boosts BlackBerry’s software portfolio, after buying the likes of AtHoc (secure alert messaging), Secusmart (secure voice), and WatchDox (secure file sharing).

The company’s objective is to offer a wider array of cross-platform EMM solutions in an increasingly more sophisticated marketplace with an appetite for various deployment models including Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), corporate owned/personally enabled, and multi OS/UI environments capable of supporting iOS, Android, Windows and BlackBerry endpoints.  BlackBerry will be able to leverage Good’s installed base strength of over 6,200 enterprises from verticals such as A&D, Banking, Government and Healthcare.  About two-thirds of Good Technology’s activations come from iOS devices, and the company’s Good Dynamics platform will also add 2,000 applications to BlackBerry’s portfolio.

The purchase addresses a pain point for CIOs particularly from regulated industries: managing devices in a secure fashion across any platform.  BlackBerry strengthens its EMM story by adding a container for other operating systems.

The Final Word

After resolving lingering issues such as integration and the new go-to-market strategy (particularly how the two platforms will be positioned in the future), BlackBerry will have to ultimately consider whether it should continue de-emphasizing devices in favor of becoming a more focused software/services company.  Today’s purchase represents a step in that direction, but the competition in the EMM/secure mobile space remains very intense and secure mobile opportunities in new segments such as the Internet of Things (IoT) might play out further than anticipated.

Ronald Gruia


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