Conduit Global: A Hidden BPO Gem

Mar 14, 2016

It’s no secret that I really love my job. One of the most rewarding things that I have found in my work as an Analyst in the contact center space, is finding companies that I consider  ‘hidden gems’. This because there are literally thousands of Business Process Outsourcers (BPOs) in the North American market. It’s almost impossible to get to know them all. I’m challenged to try to keep up with the Top 50 companies and their initiatives.  However many of the small and midsize service providers that I may not have previously encountered, are surprisingly innovative and agile.

An example of this is Conduit Global. I recently had a chance to tour the company’s San Antonio site for an afternoon and was hosted by company President  Jim Farnsworth and a few members of his executive team. The company has locations in the U.S., Asia, Africa and Europe. They offer customer care, inbound/outbound sales and technical support services.

Even though I had not previously come across Conduit Global, it’s clear that this is a company with high aspirations. I was impressed with their industry footprint, which includes clients from more mature sectors of the economy.  Conduit Global’s  growth in the utilities, health care and public sector places them squarely in verticals that are rapidly outsourcing contact center and BPO services. At the same time, the impact that Conduit Global is making in non-voice support is refreshing.  The company seems very experienced with agent text and chat activities. “Chat is where it’s at” is a theme on the production floor. I learned that Conduit Global puts a strong focus on its cloud – based services offerings; providing existing and new clients with value added services that go beyond agents simply taking calls.  

Arguably, the next hurdle for Conduit Global will be to develop its vertical base further and grow its presence in the nearshore countries. I recently authored a Market Insight entitled, “Nearshore is All Grown Up: Hot BPO Delivery Destinations”. Send me a note/comment if you’d like a copy.

 Back to Conduit Global…. If this mid-size player is able to continue on its current trajectory, I anticipate hearing the name Conduit Global more frequently in the broader BPO discussion. More to come on Conduit Global as I get to know them better and visit the company’s other delivery centers.

**Update March 17:
Conduit Global just launched their new website touting a robust set of cloud service offerings. Did I say surprisingly innovative?

Check it out:



Michael DeSalles


DeSalles has 25 years of contact center operational experience. He combines this with 10 years of research and analytical expertise in: Emerging trends, convergence, collapse and disruptive technologies in the contact center industry; Insight into site management, supervision and agent development; Customer care outsourcing; Skills based routing; BPO Near shore deployment; Home based agents

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