Cross Channel Digital Advertising – Using Mobile to Measure Ad Effectiveness

Jul 08, 2016

Cross-channel Digital Advertising

 A consumer’s path to purchase can span mobile, social, search, and display environments. Therefore, it is important to engage consumers with relevant communications across their digital journeys.  In the early stages of cross-channel ad campaigns there was little or no   consistency with audience targeting across different channels and devices. However, that has changed. By helping create a single digital profile for each consumer, solution providers can help marketers serve sequential messaging to consumers. Given the opportunity to serve ads in a cross-channel manner, advertisers will want to 1) measure the effectiveness of their ad campaigns, and 2) select the combination of digital mediums that they should use for ad campaigns.

Measuring Ad Effectiveness – Using Mobile Devices to Measure Sales

Consumer behaviors can be used to measure the effectiveness of ad campaigns.  Mobile devices can be used as a proxy to determine consumer movement patterns. Thus an increase in foot traffic in a store location, for example, could be attributed to an effective ad campaign. To enable this type of activity requires what can be best described as ID (or identifier) matching capabilities. For example, by mapping mobile devices to households, and by using mobile location data, it can be determined if a household that was served a TV ad led to actual store visits by consumers that were living in that house. Similarly, by associating an online ID with a mobile ID, the effectiveness of online campaigns to stimulate store traffic or sales can be measured. 

Increasing Ad Effectiveness – Using Mobile to Increase Cross Channel Effectiveness

Advertisers are looking at a combination of media types to run their ad campaigns. However, increasing cross-channel ad effectiveness by selecting a suitable combination of media types, and allocating appropriate share of media spend across the selected environments are the key challenges for cross-channel advertising. Fortunately, mobile can help address this challenge. Below is an exhibit from NinthDecimal, that shows the cross-channel ad effectiveness when different media types are used for digital advertising.

Cross Channel Ads.png

Source: NinthDecimal, Frost & Sullivan

 Note- LCI or Location Conversion Index is NinthDecimal’s omni-channel solution for measuring campaign effectiveness.

As depicted in the exhibit, advertisers using TV and mobile media experience a better performance than other options.

The Final Word

 Location-based mobile measurements allow advertisers to determine the effectiveness of cross-channel advertising. Frost & Sullivan finds brands have a clear need for advanced, predictive modeling solutions that can ingest and process immense data sets from multiple sources. As advertisers continue to demand greater transparency and performance from their ad campaigns, mobile-enabled measurements will become an increasingly important requirement. 

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