The Future Mobile Office Platform - A few Cool Features of Ding Talk

Nov 01, 2017

Team collaboration is one of the emerging trends that reflect increasing adoption among business users in Asia Pacific region. It is a cloud-based collaboration application with a set of collaborations required at daily work schedule, including communications, employee productivity, project management, and file management and so on. Ding Talk, launched at end of 2015 by Alibaba group, is one of the fastest growing team collaboration applications in Asia Pacific region. Based on the trial experience of a couple of team collaboration solutions, I think it stands out with the cool features below.

  • Video conferencing capabilities – free version allows up to 9 participants, which can meet the majority of the meeting requirement.
  • Ding – notification on all the chat, milestones, scheduled meetings, to-do list etc. Besides in-app notification, it also can reach out to the target users via SMS and a phone call with the integration of AI.
  • Email – the app provides embedded free email, but it also allows the in-app integration with existing corporate email system. I found it is quite powerful. Users can send an email within the application without switching back to the email applications.
  • Productivity management features such as task management, employee attendance, approval, sales management etc. I think it is quite useful to create track record on the project status, sales record, employee status etc.
  • Cloud storage and file transfer – it allows users to transfer the file from laptop to mobile devices and save them on mobile devices in a smart and efficient way.
  • Enterprise social networking – it is part of the “contact” section. Apart from the existing contacts from the mobile phone book, it also allows the enterprise to build their profile with various levels of certifications. This is also a unique feature which digitalizes enterprise yellow pages.
  • Chat – apart from 1-1 chat and group chat, it also develops a feature named “secret chat”, in which the chat history will not be saved, sender name will not be displayed, and the messages will be auto-deleted within 1 min after it is read.
  • Open API – there are more than 30,000 developers working on the open API platform in order to develop custom applications across various verticals.
  • Last but not least, mobile-first – all the changes are able to make on the mobile app.

Along with the open API and above-mentioned key features, Ding Talk is becoming a mobile office platform which can address the daily business process needs and drive the productivity anywhere and anytime.

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Jessie Yu


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