Gun Violence in US and Long-term Implications to Future Life

Jul 23, 2015

Gun violence appears to be great fodder for media as it always becomes the top news story and is discussed and overanalyzed. Unfortunately, it sets a tone for society and culture that is too focused on violence. The long-term impacts of terrorism and gun violence will be profound as our society grows more fearful and paranoid. This will drive the “Digital Tattoo” Mega Trend, which will encourage citizens to allow great encroachments on personal privacy and data. When we can live in a totally secure world because the Internet of everything and the digital tattoo can track and predict virtually all terrorists, criminals and weapons, we will gladly accept the government's security service to include us in facial recognition, sensor position tracking, purchase records, asset mapping and a broad array of other big brother tools. Security is one of Maslow’s first requirements and promises to trump personal privacy at all levels. This is a scenario with broad-based implications for careers, companies and industries.

How do we prepare for this future? Where do we invest?

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