How to Anticipate Customer Needs, Meet Them Where They Are, and Deliver Personalized Experiences

Apr 09, 2015


Complimentary eBroadcast ON DEMAND

"How to Anticipate Customer Needs, Meet Them Where They Are,

 and Deliver Personalized Experiences"

Join Frost & Sullivan's Michael DeSalles and Pegasystem's Jeff Foley as they discuss how leading customer service organizations deliver great customer experiences, by:

  • Meeting customers where they are
  • Anticipating customer needs
  • Delivering personalized customer experiences in real time

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Michael DeSalles


DeSalles has 25 years of contact center operational experience. He combines this with 10 years of research and analytical expertise in: Emerging trends, convergence, collapse and disruptive technologies in the contact center industry; Insight into site management, supervision and agent development; Customer care outsourcing; Skills based routing; BPO Near shore deployment; Home based agents

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