IBM Launches Cognitive Business Strategy

Oct 07, 2015

IBM is looking beyond connecting things; it's also looking beyond Frost & Sullivan's theory of adding people and processes to the mix to monetize on the IoT explosion. The company is adding a cognitive element, which was first found in Watson.

As we already know, big data is only useful if it's usable, meaning that it's only valuable if it will allow your organization to grow revenues or improve margins. The data explosion in this new era of digital transformation makes it difficult for humans to interpret the data in a meaningful fashion. Organizations  look to analytics to help them perform this task.

IBM is adding cognition to analytics, allowing every application, product, process, and service to have thinking capability. What does this mean? Basically, it allows each of these entities to mine for what matters most, to reason across all the data, and to continuously learn.

IBM delivers Watson as digital services in the cloud today.  Cognitive Business will enable cognitive capabilities to be incorporated into a much broader range of IBM's products and services. The company has already begun the transformation–  per IBM, "we have announced a 2000-consultant strong Cognitive Business Solutions consulting practice in GBS, we launched IBM Cognitive Commerce, entered new markets including Japan with Softbank and the Middle East and North Africa with Mubadala, and opened Watson hubs in Cambridge and San Francisco in addition to Astor Place in NYC.  IBM has hundreds of enterprise clients who are using Watson, such as MD Anderson, DBS Bank, and Deakin University. These clients are infusing cognition into supply chains, web self-service in insurance, and with wealth advisors, healthcare providers and automakers."

IBM believes the concept of cognitive can now be applied to everything from healthcare to retail and sports, allowing companies to go beyond digital transformation to "cognitive business."

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