Investor Panic in China

Jul 21, 2015

It is a very interesting situation in China. What impact are FinTech or the disruptive new business models in finance going to have on public stock exchanges? Clearly, the unbelievable power they have to create massive frenzies of greed and panic attacks will be abetted. As investor funds are spread over a much greater spectrum of the economy, the threat is greatly diminished. Today there is far too much emphasis on the role these markets play in our lives, and a stock market crash and the ensuing impacts on our economy and labor will be greatly diminished if not eliminated. This is a distinct possibility, and I will be thrilled if this comes true. The immense collateral damage from the over hype and focus of the news media is already being greatly diluted by the disruption to the global news industry, and the expansion of investment alternatives and business models will make these key exchanges and panics largely a thing of the past.

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