Mobile Worker Apps Continue on Strong Growth Trajectory

Dec 31, 2019

Today’s employees are avid users of consumer applications on their personal smartphones, and they expect the same convenient, real-time accessibility to mobile information and guidance on their jobs. These expectations are fueling a strong growth trajectory in the mobile worker app market.

This year, Frost & Sullivan conducted its Global Enterprise Digital Solutions Survey. One of the survey’s three main sections was devoted to measuring the current use of – and future decision-making toward – mobile worker applications and devices in North America and Europe. Topics covered included:

  • Current and future mobile worker app deployment
  • Types of employees being equipped with mobile apps
  • Barriers to adoption
  • Business impacts experienced
  • Preferred mobility partners and the criteria used to select them
  • Preferences regarding packaged vs. fully custom solutions

Respondents were digital solutions decision-makers, and their message was loud and clear: Companies fully recognize the value-add that mobile worker apps provide.

  • The majority of respondent businesses that use these solutions have already deployed 20 or more different apps to their employees.
  • And they’re not done. Nearly all respondents plan to introduce additional apps to workers during the next year.
  • A broad range of employee types use these apps – whether they typically work in a traditional office, out on the road, or in the field.
  • While data security is a perpetual concern, positive hard-dollar impacts drive adoption, especially expectations around increased employee productivity benefits.

Recognizing the benefits of mobile worker apps, today’s companies are using a variety of tactics to encourage their employees to fully leverage these solutions – including providing easily accessible assistance, incentives and awards, training, etc.

Companies that have not yet fully engaged in deploying mobile apps to their workers are encouraged to talk with prospective mobility partners and launch a needs analysis. Mobile app providers are advised to maintain a high-touch relationship with current customers (to quickly identify expansion opportunities) and to regularly benchmark against competitors (as not to lag in this increasingly fluid market).

For more information about the mobile worker apps market, please refer to the following Frost & Sullivan study: “Mobile Worker Applications Survey: Customer Preferences and Plans, U.S. and Europe, 2019” (9ABE/4A December 2019). This report is available at

Jeanine Sterling


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