Mobile Worker (B2E) Apps: More, More, More

Sep 29, 2015

North American businesses continue to demonstrate high interest in deploying mobile software applications to their employees (B2E).  Why?  ROI, more engaged customers, and happier workers.

An impressive 80 percent of today’s businesses have at least one mobile worker app in place – and a similar percentage plan to keep on deploying additional solutions to their employees during the next year.  These macro numbers are consistent year over year in our annual Mobile Enterprise Applications survey.*

The growth trajectory these data imply seems to be quite real.  Our 2014 research revealed that 17% of companies self-identified as heavy users, with 20 or more mobile apps already in place for their workers to use on their smartphones, tablets, feature phones, etc.  In our recent 2015 survey, this stat jumped nine points to 26% of respondents.

What’s behind these growing numbers?   Certainly, heightened attention from major industry stakeholders -- such as large business software suite vendors, major systems integrators, the wireless carriers and even mobile device manufacturers – plays a significant role.

However, business customers have their own reasons for going mobile:

  • Hard-dollar benefits – When asked to identify the reasons for providing mobile apps to their employees, businesses point to “more efficient business processes” and “more productive employees” as their top two expectations.  Companies expect mobile worker apps to help them save money, establish a competitive edge, and enhance customer engagement. 
  • Employee expectations – The pressure is on.  Mobile worker apps aren’t confined to just one set of employees.  Their usage has become widespread (including office management, office workers, field sales reps, field service personnel, etc.), making the mobile app value proposition even clearer.  In addition, younger employees expect to enjoy the same mobile convenience and information access at work as they have in their personal lives.
  • High user satisfaction – Even for more complex and costly mobile B2E applications, user satisfaction levels remain consistently strong.  80% or more of survey respondents report being very or somewhat satisfied with the more advanced mobile applications tracked in our annual survey (including mobile sales force automation, mobile field service, mobile supply chain management solutions).  Active dissatisfaction is limited to single digits.

Companies that are not embracing mobile worker applications are in danger of putting themselves at a severe competitive disadvantage.


*2015 North American Mobile Enterprise Applications: Opportunities Within Enterprises, NFB4-65, Frost & Sullivan, October 2015.


Jeanine Sterling


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