Serving Multi-DRM Content - A Realistic Perspective

Dec 09, 2016

OTT delivery of premium video is growing, and the use of full-fledged DRM to secure this content is growing as well. Video service operators are realizing, as the scale and complexity of this delivery grows, that it’s more prudent to focus on their core competencies and outsource the technological aspects. Online video platform (OVP) vendors are quickly stepping in to serve this need. However, as they do so, they find themselves with the same build v/s buy quandary for multi-DRM that has dogged VSOs to date.

Our research found many misperceptions amongst VSOs related to total cost of ownership (TCO), for building and maintaining secure playback solutions across an entire portfolio of new and existing devices. Many of these misperceptions exist within OVPs as well. The figure below provides some of the salient findings from our research on the perceptions and realities of TCO for secure playback, both at the server and on the client side.

While the client-side of the complexity is generally better characterized and more widely discussed, the server-side of the problem is no less tangled. Customers expect their video services to perform seamlessly and transparently across each of their devices. This unified, consistent experience is easier said than done. Much of the heavy lifting in developing and running ubiquitous, and ubiquitously uniform, video services is done on the server side. Our new white paper, sponsored by Verimatrix, talks about the various components involved in a multi-DRM server infrastructure. It also discusses long-term strategies to ensure a service remains scalable, agile and profitable in the long run. You can download the paper here, and explore the issue in further depth and detail through the webinar here

Avni Rambhia


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