Sponsored Data Can Accelerate Mobile Service Adoption for Latin American Businesses & Governments

Aug 24, 2015

In today’s highly mobile, data-driven world, consumers everywhere place a high value on the time-saving and money-saving facilities mobile data technologies allow, and businesses across all industries must evolve to cater to this growing demand. “Faced with this imperative to go mobile, Sponsored Data allows businesses to draw the most value from their mobile initiatives,” said Frost & Sullivan Information & Communication Technologies Industry Analyst Georgia Jordan.

Sponsored Data, or “1-800 Data”, enables mobile device users—even those on prepaid phones with no credit or those who cannot afford a mobile data plan—to use mobile services provided by businesses and governments free of charge. It is the mobile data equivalent of the toll-free telephone service, where a third party pays the mobile operator for the customer’s access to its mobile services.

New analysis from Frost & Sullivan, Sponsored Data: Connecting the Unconnected, developed in collaboration with Qualcomm Incorporated, shows how Sponsored Data can not only benefit consumers, but also provide businesses and governments with new revenue and efficiency gains.

For Bradesco, one of the Brazil’s top retail banks, enabling clients to access their bank accounts from their smartphones without using up their mobile data caps helped mobile banking adoption among Bradesco clients more than double within one year. This led to a dramatic reduction in cost per transaction for the bank, since mobile banking is significantly less costly than any other banking channel.

At the same time, the offer increased customer engagement, as clients now execute many more transactions through mobile banking than any other channel. Indeed, one year after Bradesco launched its Sponsored Data offer, transactions over the mobile channel quadrupled.

Sponsored Data can also enable governments democratize access to its mobile-government services, and m-commerce sites attract new customers with free shopping access. For direct sellers of cosmetics, sponsoring mobile access to catalogs and sales portals can reduce costs and optimize direct sales operations, shifting remote workforce interactions from offline to online.

Free service trials can drive adoption of remote health monitoring subscription services, generating new, recurring revenues for healthcare equipment manufacturers, while governments can expand the reach of public services and social programs by offering Sponsored Data to those who can’t afford to access these services.

“In a world where over 85% of the population lives in range of a data cellular network, the impact that 1-800 Data can have on other consumer and citizen-facing services promises to be disruptive. By sponsoring consumers’ mobile data use, companies can set themselves apart, increasing their reach and encouraging consumers to engage with their services, products and brand,” stated Jordan.

This is especially true in Latin America, where 77% of mobile users are on prepaid plans and consume very little, if any, mobile data on a regular basis. “Sponsored Data can bring mobile data to the masses, the same way prepaid wireless services did with mobile voice,” said Rafael Steinhauser, senior vice president and president of Qualcomm Latin America.

To read the full whitepaper and learn more about the benefits of Sponsored Data, click here.

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