Wearables in the Enterprise Market

Jun 30, 2014

A couple of weeks ago, Salesforce.com announced that it is launching Salesforce Wear – CRM software and developer tools for wearables. We give the company high marks for being on the cutting edge … however, we’re not sure just how real the value is at this point.

The goal of Salesforce Wear is to encourage application developers to create enterprise apps for these new devices (smart watches, Google Glass, etc.)  – especially in the field service and field sales sectors. 

While the possibilities seem a bit limited in sales scenarios (Is a customer really going to tolerate a salesperson being distracted in this way?), field service situations offer more potential.  When you think of all of the times a service tech’s both hands are occupied trying to repair a piece of equipment, an easy-to-view method of accessing needed instructions, schematics, or even an employee peer with helpful advice can result in higher productivity, fewer mistakes, and reduced costs.

We’ve included some new questions on wearables in our upcoming 2014 Mobile Enterprise Applications survey.  Clearly, it’s time to start tracking business interest in, and deployment of, wearables in the field service and field sales realms.  We'll report back on results later this summer.

Jeanine Sterling


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