Why LPWAN Providers Must Consider Intelligent Data Management for IoT

Jun 16, 2016

Low Power Wide Area Networks

Longer range, ability to operate in unlicensed spectrum (except for cellular IoT-specific network technologies), lower power consumption, and long battery life are the defining characteristics of low power wide area network, or LPWAN networks. Providers are aggressively rolling out LPWAN networks in the United States, and it is only a matter of time before cellular providers introduce their own versions of machine-optimized network communication technologies. Therefore, the degree of competition in the U.S. LPWAN market will increase significantly in the next few years, which makes it important for independent LPWAN providers to capture market share in the early years of operations.

Benefits of IoT Data Optimization

LPWAN network providers should consider working with third-party providers of data compression solutions in order to efficiently scale to millions of connections. Doing so will also allow them to extend their value proposition to higher bandwidth applications (or use cases), which would otherwise be outside of their technical support capabilities. Data management technologies can also help optimize the power requirements of IoT endpoints, which helps conserve battery life.

Exhibit shows an example of data savings achieved by using IoT data optimization technologies.



Global Tracking Device




Original Message Size

40 bytes

403 bytes



Compressed Message Size

4 bytes

20 bytes

25 bytes

100 byte

Data savings per message














  • Annual data savings – (per message saving)*(number of daily messages)*(365)
  • Actual data savings achieved by WindSpring’s SpringBoard Solution
                                                                              Source: WindSpring, Frost & Sullivan


Frost & Sullivan’s analysis indicates that the number of connections supported on public LPWAN networks could exceed 10 million by 2020 in the United States – assuming that leading IoT application providers and hardware manufacturers embrace the various LPWAN technologies. Adopting intelligent data management technologies can help providers ensure that they can support the large number of connections on their networks without compromising on the quality of service.  Such technologies can also allow LPWAN providers to support use cases that would otherwise be out of reach due to the limitation in network data transmission characteristics.


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