Why the USA Women's Soccer Team is Important for the World

Jul 23, 2015

After viewing the amazing efforts left on the field by the US Women’s Soccer team alongside the rest of the country, I stumbled across the following Los Angeles Times article- http://lat.ms/1VBqDYI and recognized that this was more than just a game. This historic event highlights profound implications for the global trend toward Women Empowerment. Frost & Sullivan research on the role and impact of women in business and the economy shows that when women are empowered, companies have improved financial results and countries show significantly stronger GDP growth.  Conclusion: empowering women is a social responsibility, and it’s also the most effective economic development acceleration tool for both governments and companies.

For a while we've seen traditionally male dominated industries like automotive http://www.frost.com/ma80 and work wear http://www.frost.com/nf3b focus their products services and business models to better serve women as a growing segment

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