Is Your Network as Hack-Proof as Your DRM Client? IT Matters.

Oct 04, 2016

Workflows are increasingly "IP-fied" and OTT distribution is becoming the norm for broadcasters and video service operators. While the anti-piracy battle has traditionally been most intense at content consumption end points, the scope of protection now has to fully encompass the entire workflow from creation to processing, storage through distribution to playback. Security is only as effective as the weakest link, and hackers are probing everywhere. 

This requires an expansion of the scope and notion of content protection. Tools such as DRM, CAS, watermarking and white box cryptography remain fully relevant. Indeed their own bar is rising as content resolutions rise and consumer devices become more powerful. At the same time, however, the entire IT workflow for content needs to be equivalently secured. Control word theft and password sharing are real threats. Just as real, however, is the threat of a default password or an unsecured port on a storage server resulting in weeks or even months of undetected copying of premium content. 

IT security is an inseparable part of content protection and anti-piracy strategies in today's world. A unified security approach is crucial, which incorporates IT security best practices in a way that is compatible with the massive throughput requirements and near-perfect reliability constraints. Our new white paper, available here, talks about all the threats faced by content companies - to their content, to their services, and to their business as a whole. It also discusses best practices in planning and deploying security strategies for today's and tomorrow's needs.

Playing whack-a-mole with hackers through haphazard deployments of individual tools is a real temptation, particularly as businesses are already challenged to grapple with disruptive trends like OTT and IP. However, this is not a useful approach - the growing number of successful hacks against major content companies, and their continuously growing impact, bears testament to this fact. Join our webinar to learn about modern threats and effective strategies to overcome them in cost-efficient, performance-friendly ways.

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