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Over 96% of mobile malware targets Android systems

The recently released Fortinet Labs 2014 Threat Landscape report revealed a startling fact. Android systems are top targets for mobile malware, and not just by a small margin either - Android accounted for 96.5% of mobile malware. By comparison iOS, Windows Phone, and PalmOS combined accounted for less than 1% of mobile malware.

Combine this with the fact that "Android is Now the Most Widely Deployed OS for Organization Issued Devices" and I get the feeling that we're sitting on a powder keg. Now sometimes these stats are skewed by the fact that hackers often target the most widely used OS as a matter of economics. Also, research labs don't know what they don't know (there could plenty of iOS malware that the "good guys" simply haven't uncovered yet).

But Android's 96.5% share of mobile malware is too greatly disproportional to its install base to be so easily dismissed. Definitely, Google is doing something right with Android as shown by its rapid market penetration but what will the fall out be after a massive malware outbreak?

Posted on March 04, 2014 at 11:18 AM