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Posted by jsterling; on Aug 09, 2019
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The Salesforce acquisition of ClickSoftware makes all kinds of sense. Here's why.

Posted by jsterling; on Jun 20, 2019
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If you're a business wrestling with the ramifications of BYOD, you are not alone.

Posted by roopamjain; on Mar 14, 2019
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Consulting is primarily a client-facing business that is based on building long-term relationships and trust. Consulting firms today are realizing the benefits of implementing ground breaking collaboration technologies that strengthen trusted client …

Posted by jsterling; on Dec 31, 2018
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Businesses naturally look to wireless carriers for mobile connectivity and mobile devices -- but what about mobile worker software apps?

Posted by vgandhi; on Dec 21, 2018
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A blog commenting on the recent launch of 5G services by AT&T.

Posted by jsterling; on Dec 06, 2018
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Responses to the latest Frost & Sullivan Mobile Business Solutions Survey point to an engaged, enthusiastic, and demanding market for mobilized field service management solutions.

Posted by MBrandenburg; on Nov 16, 2018
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We have entered the era of corporate responsibility and sustainability: Organizations of all sizes are being asked to think much harder about the environmental impact of the products they produce, from manufacturing to disposal. Environmental respons…

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Posted by ashah; on Nov 13, 2018
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Frost & Sullivan hosted its annual Growth, Innovation and Leadership Event in October in San Diego. Thought leaders and attendees from many top verticals joined us for an interactive, thought-provoking, and energetic event. This insight will provide …

Posted by jsterling; on Oct 24, 2018
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The future success of companies rests in large part on their ability to truly mobilize their employees. We're not talking just about outfitting workers with smartphones and tablets.

Posted by biadarola; on Oct 05, 2018
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The extraordinary growth trajectory of the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) phenomenon has been driven by the proliferation of smartphones and the consumerization of information technology (IT).

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