Amazon Vs. IBM - Who'll win the cloud war?

November 14, 2013 at 12:37 PM

Caught an interesting posting in the Frost & Sullivan Megatrends Group on Linkedin from - take a look!

Amazon has been in the forefront of customer service since it's beginning - I remember how it invested in software that tracked changes in customer preferences in books and put them in new, more accurate segments as they purchased more books. In this way, Amazon was able to give more reliable recommendations to its customers. Now, I am a big fan of Amazon Prime! But this piece is about the cloud wars and how IBM will win. I tend to agree with some of the commenters in the discussion - especially the one on how IBM failed to beat Microsoft. Amazon is making some smart investments and continues to grow quickly - I think it's chances are high. Your thoughts?

Tags: Cloud, Microsoft, IBM, Amazon, growth, War