Oslo--Making Office 365 More Like Facebook?

March 3, 2014 at 4:40 PM

As Microsoft kicked off its SharePoint 2014 conference in Vegas this week, one of the more interesting announcements was that Office 365—the cloud version of the vendor’s productivity and communications applications—will start to look a lot more like Facebook (and, one hopes, a lot less like SharePoint).
Thanks to more robust integration with Yammer, Microsoft is able to extend Yammer’s Enterprise Graph to create Office Graph—essentially mapping the relationships between people, apps and information. Codenamed Oslo, the feature is designed to give employees the information they need when they need it—even if they are not aware, at the time, that they do. It’s a nice idea—but the proof will be in the validity of the results. How many times have you wondered about what, exactly, is showing up in your Facebook feed—and why? Will Oslo do a better job at not just mapping, but also evaluating the need for and relevance of, specific connections? Will it serve up data and relationships users can actually use, or will it just make the “feed” seem even more random? Tell us what you think!

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Re: Oslo--Making Office 365 More Like Facebook?

March 14, 2014 at 4:24 PM
Somehow I feel that this new feature will have to go through many iterations before Microsoft finds the best functionality for the majority of Office 365 users. More likely, it will keep evolving forever. I suppose the best approach would be to make this feature very customizable so users can adjust the functionality to their needs and preferences. But that will be a longevity requirement for all software in the future.