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Top 5 Takeaways from Frost & Sullivan’s GIL 2018 – Surviving the Next Decade of Digital Transformation

Frost & Sullivan hosted its annual Growth, Innovation and Leadership Event in October in San Diego. Thought leaders and attendees from many top verticals joined us for an interactive, thought-provoking, and energetic event. This insight will provide you w…
and one that is moving towards robotics and artificial intelligence…am I going to lose my job to a robot https://digitaltransformation.frost.com/expert-insights/viewpoints/top-5-takeaways-frost-sullivans-gil-2018-surviving-next-decade-digital-transformation/

Artificial Intelligence – Coming Soon to a Meeting Room near You

After years of anticipation AI is finally starting to fulfill the promise of smarter collaboration. The first phase is primarily centered on conversational AI while the real potential lies in deeper contextual and predictive applications that will follow …
ring out the complexities of sharing content both locally and remotely…ur daily lives. Digital Assistants and smart bots have become common place. The impact is all https://digitaltransformation.frost.com/expert-insights/viewpoints/artificial-intelligence-coming-soon-meeting-room-near-you/

Enabling Robots (Process Automation) for Enhanced CX and Cost Management

The CX, cost saving, productivity, and compliance/security benefits of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in the contact center.
s markets. Robotic Process Automation …robots… Robotic Process Automation Market Outlook for Cust…ferent vendor solutions simultaneously. Robotic process automation https://digitaltransformation.frost.com/expert-insights/viewpoints/enabling-robots-process-automation-enhanced-cx-and-cost-management/

Lessons Learned: CX Focus Key to Successful Customer Contact Automation

Automation tools like chatbots and virtual assistants can successfully reduce live agent costs if implemented correctly
driven chatbots and virtual assistants …e that automation through new tools like chatbots and VAs is successful depends on how well t https://digitaltransformation.frost.com/expert-insights/viewpoints/lessons-learned-cx-focus-key-successful-customer-contact-automation/

Amazon’s Potential, Disruptive, (and Welcome) Customer Contact Market Entry

Amazon is reportedly planning to offer chatbots while at the same time Avaya has freed up resources to strengthen its contact center market through its networking solution sale to Extreme Networks.
subsidiary is looking at offering chatbots… will popularize and give credibility of chatbots…dience.  There is a bright future for chatbots and VAs. Customers https://digitaltransformation.frost.com/expert-insights/viewpoints/amazons-potentially-disruptive-and-welcome-possible-contact-center-market-entry/

Digital Advertising Grows, So does Ad Fraud

This blog highlights the impact of fraud on digital advertising. It also talks about the steps taken by the industry to counter fraud.
Bots… A bot is a software application designed to automa…te tasks that are usually done manually. Bots can perform repetitive functions at high sp… bots have also emerged as a prime mechanism for https://digitaltransformation.frost.com/expert-insights/viewpoints/digital-advertising-grows-so-does-ad-fraud/

Squaring Excellent Customer Experiences with Customer Affordability

Providing an excellent Customer Experience is a worthy objective, but it may not necessarily be aligned with corporate goals
ly into our bodies from hazardous substances both in the products and released in resource ex… and automated chatbots and virtual assistants https://digitaltransformation.frost.com/expert-insights/viewpoints/squaring-excellent-customer-experiences-customer-affordability/

Bots to the Future: Bot Management Solutions Necessary to Optimize Processes, Stop Hackers

Constantly dealing with distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks, fraudulent Web activities, spam, and intrusion attempts? Well, you might have a bot problem. In 2014 and 2015, I wrote about the burgeoning demand for bot management solutions. With…
Categories Tags The challenge of bot activity in enterprise networks continues to… leading to the emergence of comprehensive bot management solutions. This article will revi https://digitaltransformation.frost.com/expert-insights/viewpoints/bots-future-bot-management-solutions-necessary-optimize-processes-stop-hackers/

AI Meets... Stratecast’s Big Data & Analytics (BDA) Practice

I’m pleased to join my colleague in London, Lawrence Lundy, here on the AI Meets... blog and happy to reassure him that AI won’t be putting any competent researchers or analysts out of a job anytime soon. (In case you missed it, I’m referring to his recen…
d amazing new applications beyond enabling robots https://digitaltransformation.frost.com/expert-insights/viewpoints/ai-meets-stratecasts-big-data-analytics-bda-practice/

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