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Plantronics’ Acquisition of Polycom is Equal Parts Opportunity and Challenge

The acquisition of Polycom, arms Plantronics with a comprehensive portfolio of endpoints that directly addresses user pain points to simplify the communications experience. Add to that Plantronics’ growing focus on software, analytics, IoT, and services …
cs to extend its footprint beyond its mature headsets business. At the same time…t pairing between communications devices and headsets especially Bluetooth headsets https://digitaltransformation.frost.com/expert-insights/viewpoints/plantronics-aacquisition-polycom-equal-parts-opportunity-and-challenge/

Plantronics Continues to Enrich its Software-as-a-Service Offering to Complement its Leading Professional Headset Portfolio

Since the initial launch of Plantronics Manager Pro v3.0 in July 2014, Plantronics has continued enhancing the features and capabilities of its flagship Software-as-a-Service offering
but also provides intelligent insights about headset deployment and usage… to select Plantronics wireless Bluetooth headsets…n new market opportunities beyond its robust headset business. Today https://digitaltransformation.frost.com/expert-insights/viewpoints/plantronics-continues-enrich-its-software-service-offering-complement-its-leading-professional-headset-portfolio/

Plantronics - Thinking out of the Headset

Plantronics latest release brings a new era of analytics capabilities to the workplace and contact center.
but what about headsets…  Yes. Headsets.  Headsets may be old school… Plantronics provides traditional hardware headset and audio conferencing components https://digitaltransformation.frost.com/expert-insights/viewpoints/plantronics-thinking-out-headset/

Two Things this UC Analyst is Thankful For

It’s that time of the year again when we all take a moment to reflect on the things we are thankful for. On a personal level, it is usually good health, friends, family, and at least for me, the smart and cool people I get to work with. As an industry ana…
lutions that actually add value. A single headset for unified communications… I have an actual desk drawer full of headsets… but also which headset I need to use. But since earlier this yea https://digitaltransformation.frost.com/expert-insights/viewpoints/two-things-uc-analyst-thankful/

Plantronics Maintains Leadership Through Visionary Innovation

Over the years, Plantronics has successfully led in the market with the concept of “one headset does not fill all”. As such, the vendor has relentlessly analyzed the behavior and environments of business users in order to identify their evolving communica…
ve been tracking the professional headset market for more than nine consecutive years.…ve been witnessing how headsets transformed themselves from a mere accessor https://digitaltransformation.frost.com/expert-insights/viewpoints/plantronics-maintains-leadership-through-visionary-innovation/

Infograph of the Global Contact Center and Office Headset Market

After completing our global contact center and office headset market, we wanted to share with our readers a snapshot of the major findings of the global contact center and office headset study (full-blown study in here: https://www.frost.com/nf15) with an…

UC-enabled Headsets Continue to Grow in the Skype for Business Endpoint Ecosystem

The traction of UC headsets in Microsoft Lync/Skype for Business environments
and enterprise professional headsets. Among the most notable trends…ed the growing role of advanced professional headsets within the contact center and office https://digitaltransformation.frost.com/expert-insights/viewpoints/uc-enabled-headsets-continue-grow-skype-business-endpoint-ecosystem/

2015 Predictions for Enterprise Communications

compliant service.  Headsets Become the Most Adaptive Endpoints in Conne…in an agile manner has been the professional headset. Transforming themselves from mere accessori https://digitaltransformation.frost.com/expert-insights/viewpoints/2015-predictions-enterprise-communications/