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Plantronics - Thinking out of the Headset

Plantronics latest release brings a new era of analytics capabilities to the workplace and contact center.
that plague the use of audio devices in the contact center and general work environments. Are devices b…s 2016 Cloud Contact Center Buyers Guide…s contact center portfolio of headsets and digital processors https://digitaltransformation.frost.com/expert-insights/viewpoints/plantronics-thinking-out-headset/

Excellent CX Delivery Relies on Completely Hearing the Voice of Customer

Obtaining the Voice of the Customer is more than surveys. Effective CX-supporting VoC requires paying attention to all customer interactions.

GamEffective Shows How to Make CX-focused Gamification Successful

GamEffective demonstrates how gamification can help contact center agents deliver an improved CX
ing itself effective and popular in customer contact centers. These business functions are characterized…well as high stress and turnover situations. Contact centers are becoming collaborative as they handle m https://digitaltransformation.frost.com/expert-insights/viewpoints/gameffective-show-how-make-cx-focused-gamification-successful/

Validating Contact Center Trends for 2017 and Beyond

Followup to conversation on survey results and trends in the contact center with 8x8
t completed a survey in conjunction with the Contact Center Network Group … with 25 percent of contact centers having fully deployed cloud today and anoth https://digitaltransformation.frost.com/expert-insights/viewpoints/validating-contact-center-trends-2017-and-beyond/

Calabrio Promotes a Stronger CX in New and Future Solutions

Calabrio releases Calabrio ONE WFO for the cloud and plans future applications
for superior service.  The new generation of contact center agents expects to fully help customers… of contact center operating costs. With the growing economy cr https://digitaltransformation.frost.com/expert-insights/viewpoints/calabrio-promotes-stronger-cx-new-and-future-solutions/

Who is Next to Marry after Genesys+ININ?

Genesys and Interactive Intelligence have merged but which companies are next, and what are the business pressures leading to industry M&As
through contact centers… research has forecasted that North American contact center seats will slightly decline over the next fe…w years.  That is even taking into account contact center onshoring https://digitaltransformation.frost.com/expert-insights/viewpoints/who-next-marry-after-genesysinin/

Improving the Customer Experiences’ First & Last Miles/Kms

High quality Customer Experiences depends on how easily customers navigate the first and last miles of kilometers (kms) of their buying journeys, from initial engagements to products’ receipt. With today’s businesses facing highly competitive markets and …
and when customers have to interact with the contact center. There are still unacceptable instances of p… and failing that the contact centers to resolve them https://digitaltransformation.frost.com/expert-insights/viewpoints/improving-customer-experiences-first-last-mileskms/

inContact's Marriage is NICE

Analyst take on the NICE acquisition of inContact
based contact center solutions. I believe that this was one o…contact center technology…hat they knew they wanted to acquire a cloud contact center player since 2014 https://digitaltransformation.frost.com/expert-insights/viewpoints/incontacts-marriage-nice/

Product/Service Quality, Not Necessarily Customer Service, is Key to CX

Businesses have to focus on delivering excellent Customer Experiences to grow and survive. But they should prioritize on ensuring product and service quality first then on customer service and support and voice of customer.
lytics has being the only growth area in the contact center systems market. That a leading vendor …m.  But by focusing perhaps unduly on the contact center and customer service side of the equation bu https://digitaltransformation.frost.com/expert-insights/viewpoints/productservice-quality-not-necessarily-customer-service-key-cx/