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When the Cloud Brings Sunshine

Enterprise Connect 2016, which took place in the second week of March, marked the culmination of several months of hard work, anxiety and excitement as communications solutions providers prepared for the main event of the industry. This year’s event was a…
ging solution similar to Spark. Cloud contact center becoming a critical adjunct to UCaaS   … With contact centers moving to the cloud even faster than enterp https://digitaltransformation.frost.com/expert-insights/viewpoints/when-cloud-brings-sunshine/

Overcoming the Challenges with Providing Truly Omnichannel Retail Customer Service

There are critical environment issues that have limited the ability of retailers to have in-store staff also handle online customers. There are new technologies that are being rolled out to make this happen.
it may not be so with calls made through the contact center or in web chat. It has long been a best p https://digitaltransformation.frost.com/expert-insights/viewpoints/overcoming-challenges-providing-truly-omnichannel-retail-customer-service/

Digital Channels Are Driving Customer Contacts to the Cloud

More customer contact applications are in the cloud, but this number will rise with customers' increasing preference for digital channels.
Categories Tags Customer contact centers will continue to lift their solutions to th…Cloud Contact Center Market… North America Contact Center Systems Market. But there is an even gre https://digitaltransformation.frost.com/expert-insights/viewpoints/digital-channels-are-driving-customer-contacts-cloud/

Super Agents? How About Expert Assistants Instead?

Well-trained super agents have been touted as the future of contact centers. But a more realistic option is the use of UC&C-equipped expert assistants.
eyond what most companies are willing to pay contact center agents. Their reluctance is justified. There… my prediction is that contact center agents will become https://digitaltransformation.frost.com/expert-insights/viewpoints/super-agents-how-about-expert-assistants-instead/

Infograph of the Global Contact Center and Office Headset Market

After completing our global contact center and office headset market, we wanted to share with our readers a snapshot of the major findings of the global contact center and office headset study (full-blown study in here: https://www.frost.com/nf15) with an…

Solid Customer Experience and Trust Are Key in Growing eCommerce

eCommerce has become entrenched as a retail channel but one where customers still tend to browse rather than buy. Companies must take steps to improve the Customer Experience to grow online sales, particularly from mobile devices.

Work At Home Agents (WAHAs) Best Option for Canada

Canada is again becoming attractive for nearshore contact centers thanks to a weak Canadian dollar. But U.S. and U.S. serving companies should think twice about going back with traditional centers. Instead they should consider the alternative of work at h…
serving contact centers in Canada from the mid… and to an extent the onshore contact center industry began sliding in the mid… which also hurt contact center demand.  These trends resulted in closures a https://digitaltransformation.frost.com/expert-insights/viewpoints/work-home-agents-wahas-best-option-canada/

Interactive Intelligence Raises the Stakes in the Cloud Market

I had the pleasure of attending Interactions 2015, Interactive Intelligence’s annual partner, consultant and analyst event. Interactive Intelligence is currently at major cross-roads as it tries to reposition for further success in the evolving business c…
e company and the overall communications and contact center markets. In addition to a very interesting p…path over the years to become a major global contact center vendor today. Interactive Intelligence https://digitaltransformation.frost.com/expert-insights/viewpoints/interactive-intelligence-raises-stakes-cloud-market/

So Why Does Customer Service Stink?

The prevailing wisdom is that providing an excellent Customer Experience is vital for companies' success and growth. But there are all too many reports about poor customer service. Why is there a disconnect? The blog presents several theories. Readers are…
contact centers actually preventing contact center agents from providing excellent service. https://digitaltransformation.frost.com/expert-insights/viewpoints/so-why-does-customer-service-stink/