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Digital Advertising Innovation: Next Generation Self-Serve Solutions

Next-generation self-serve advertising solutions allow advertisers to deliver and manage performance-centric campaigns themselves, while tapping into robust and actionable data sciences capabilities. This blog outlines the benefits of next-generation self…
of the digital advertising spend. Dataital Advertising Mechanism for Advertisers Datapursuing complex KPIs who need more advanced data science capabilities and teams to optimize c https://digitaltransformation.frost.com/expert-insights/viewpoints/digital-advertising-innovation-next-generation-self-serve-solutions/

Thirty Six Hours in the Biodome; AI-Infused Contact Centers are Humming Along at Enterprise Connect19

Musings on the trends, vendors and solutions at Enterprise Connect19.
Dimension Datas Conversation Data platform was purpose built to enable compani… contact channels. It unifies and normalizes data across all channels… and act on customer data and then drive engagement from an outbound p https://digitaltransformation.frost.com/expert-insights/viewpoints/thirty-six-hours-biodome-ai-infused-contact-centers-are-humming-along-enterprise-connect19/

Network Segregation - Why Dividing the Network Just Makes Sense

Ethernet and IP offered the promise of a single network on which all systems can interoperate, while also delivering the economies of scale that come with a shared infrastructure.
once relied on to enable communications and data transfer. Before Ethernet and IP… and the data network were delivered over their own dedica https://digitaltransformation.frost.com/expert-insights/viewpoints/network-segregation-why-dividing-network-just-makes-sense/

Mobile Video – Don’t Count the Operators Out Yet

A blog highlighting the competitive strategies of tier-I mobile operators for mobile video services.
Offer mobile video with unlimited mobile data plans. Mobile operators can include access t… content for subscribers of unlimited mobile data plans in the US. In these cases https://digitaltransformation.frost.com/expert-insights/viewpoints/mobile-video-dont-count-operators-out-yet/

Adobe’s TubeMogul Acquisition – Frost & Sullivan’s Perspectives

An assessment of the TubeMogul acquisition, and what it means for video advertising.
stop shop for dataof marketers tightly integrating advertising datasuch as customer profiles and other user datas industry leading data management and analytics capabilities along https://digitaltransformation.frost.com/expert-insights/viewpoints/adobes-tubemogul-acquisition-frost-sullivans-perspectives/

How to control the unstoppable?

The recent events regarding user data privacy in Brazil, as a consequence of Whatsapp's blockeage demand by the gorvernment on December 2015, bring about a much broader topic. How far does the freedom of speech, internet neutrality or the free use of the …
use or share user data with third parties… a court order demanding the sharing of user data for criminal investigation. Thus…y were looking to protect someone's personal data the court was trying to get access to. On Au https://digitaltransformation.frost.com/expert-insights/viewpoints/how-control-unstoppable/

Careful Application of Big Data Analytics to Prevent and Solve Crimes

Law enforcement organizations can greatly benefit from Big Data Analytics, but they must be very careful in how they apply them. They can learn lessons from customer contact organizations.
illustrates the consequences of bad data in law enforcement. There is a horrific… Harry Tuttle. This data entry error led to the brutal arrest and the…the growing use of increasingly powerful Big Data and Analytics https://digitaltransformation.frost.com/expert-insights/viewpoints/careful-application-big-data-analytics-prevent-and-solve-crimes/

Crossroads: What the Dell - EMC merger means

DELL - EMC if played well has the potential of giving other majors like IBM and HP many sleepless nights! From Dell's perspective buy vs build or partner to transform its brand image of a device/hardware-centric company and leverage EMC's well put togethe…
piece to help organizations overcome the Big Data challenge.   Dell could have bought ma https://digitaltransformation.frost.com/expert-insights/viewpoints/crossroads-what-dell-emc-merger-means/

Bit by Bit: NIST Advances Quantum Computing

Teleportation has long been the realm of science fiction. From Douglas Adams to Isaac Asimov, storytellers have ensnared us with visions of instantaneous travel. Physical teleportation remains a fantasy. Quantum teleportation, the transfer of quantum inf…
eportation transfers or reconstructs quantum data contained in matter or light particles. An i…f quantum state information can carry useful data. In the NIST experiment https://digitaltransformation.frost.com/expert-insights/viewpoints/bit-bit-nist-advances-quantum-computing/

Sponsored Data Can Accelerate Mobile Service Adoption for Latin American Businesses & Governments

By sponsoring consumers’ mobile data use, companies and governments can reduce costs, create new revenues, expand reach and enhance their brand perception
datasaving facilities mobile data technologies allow… Sponsored Data allows businesses to draw the most value fro…ndustry Analyst Georgia Jordan. Sponsored Data https://digitaltransformation.frost.com/expert-insights/viewpoints/sponsored-data-can-accelerate-mobile-service-adoption-latin-american-businesses-governments/

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